French Canadian Missionary Society

The French Canadian Missionary Society (FCMS) represents one of the most extensive Protestant efforts ever made to evangelize the French-speaking inhabitants of North America. It was an interdenominational organization founded in 1839 in Montreal. For the next forty-two years, until late 1881, the Society pursued its objective of evangelizing the Roman Catholics of French Canada through evangelistic preaching, and education. At the height of its success, the Society had numerous churches, schools and missionary workers. At the time there was dissent between the Catholic establishment and the French speaking population.


The Reverend Jean Vernier was returning from Switzerland after recruiting a group of missionary workers when they took passage on the Annie Jane five of his party drowned, and three survived.


Rev J Vernier

Mr Louis Kempf

Mrs Louise Kempf

Louis Kempf aged 12

Louise  Kempf aged 10 or 11


Lammert Van Buren, Born 1824

Jean Francois Cornu, Born 1823

Marc Ami